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Antitrust Law: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles and their Practice
The essential guide to US antitrust law – comprehensive, authoritative and regularly updated

Competition Law of the European Community
Expert guidance on all aspects of EU competition practice, including in key market sectors
EU State Aid Control: Law and Economics
Unrivalled legal and economic insight into policy and practice across a wide range of business sectors

Directory of EC Case Law on State Aids
Accessible, quick reference guide to a wealth of EU decisions
Broberg on the European Commission’s Jurisdiction to Scrutinise Mergers
Answers practitioners’ questions on rules, case law and other developments
European Cartel Digest Precedent Finder
Unique practice tool, facilitating rapid and highly focused research into important decisions and their implications

Private Enforcement

Our Kluwer Competition Law database offers a new feature; European Private Enforcement Case Summaries comprises English summaries of court decisions from three leading jurisdictions – Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Edited by the law firm Stek in the Netherlands, the summaries are authored by expert practitioners in each country, who select key cases covering important legal issues.

With private enforcement increasingly important in Europe, practitioners need to keep up-to-date in order to provide the best advice. These authoritative summaries, offering concise analysis of the key issues in an accessible format, are an invaluable resource. As well as providing facts relating to the case and the decision, they explain the significance of the result, enabling you to understand the essential issues in this dynamic field of competition law.


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